WS1 – Industrial Fellowship Program

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Industrial Research Fellowship Program that began its implementation in autumn 2017 with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), offered sixty individual fellowships for industrial doctorate degrees, industrial post-doc positions and industrial adjunct researchers, while fostering a trilateral cooperation between the “Demokritos” research center, Universities in Greece and abroad, as well as companies with operations in Greece. During this session, several presentations will be made to disseminate the results accomplished so far. (Book Industrial Fellow Program )


Location: Main Auditorium, Building 12 Date: July 9, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dr Athanasios Smyrnakis

Postdoctoral Fellow - INN

Dr Εvangellos Aggelopoulos

Adjunct researcher - INN

Dr Stefanos Chaitoglou

Postdoctoral Fellow - INN

Dr Afroditi Chioti

PhD fellow - INN

Dr Kosmas Ellinas

Postdoc fellow - INN

Dr Maria Amenta

Postdoctoral Fellow - INN

Dr Dimitra Koumpouri

Postdoctoral Fellow - INN

Dr. Konstantinos Papavasileiou

Postdoctoral Fellow - ΙΝΝ

Dr Grigorios Zisis

Postdoctoral Fellow - INN

Dr George Papavieros

Doctorate Fellow - INN

Dr. Maria A. Seimeni

Postdoctoral Fellow - ΙΙΤ


PhD fellow - INRASTES


PhD fellow - IIT

Dr Prodromos Fetfatzis

Postdoctoral Fellow - INRASTES

Dr Anastasios Lambropoulos

Postdoctoral Fellow - INN


PhD fellow - INRASTES


Postdoc fellow - INN

Dr Florentia Fostira

Adjunct Researcher - INRASTES

Dr Ourania Trohatou

Postdoc fellow - IBA

Dr Eirini Fragogeorgi

Postdoc fellow - INRASTES

Dr Mickaela Angelopoulou

Postdoctoral Fellow - INRASTES