sourtzi_150x150 Dr. Panayota Sourtzi

  Professor of Occupational Health Nursing

  Faculty of Nursing, University of Athens


Short Bio

Panayota SOURTZI, RN, HV, PhD. She is currently professor in Occupational Health Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Athens and 2nd vice-president of the Hellenic Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. She teaches, among other subjects, occupational health, health education methodology, gerontology nursing and has published mainly in the fields of health promotion and occupational health. She was involved in the FRR-Friendly Rest Rooms for Elderly People, in the Greek team of the SHARE- A survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe project and various health promotion projects funded by the EC.

Presentation Title: Care, technology and the role of older people


Since population ageing increases and recourses for health and social care decrease, technology can contribute towards alleviation of the problem and promotion of quality of life of older people. Innovative technology applications for home or institutional use could be developed and should be used for improved short and long-term care. One major problem is the way that technological applications development is taking place; is it user driven or developer driven? This presentation will focus on the role that older people themselves should be offered in this process.

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