Benno_Groosman_150 Mr Benno Groosman

   co-founder Surge-on Medical & Entrepreneur in Residence Orange Grove Athens

  The Orange-Grove from the Embassy of Netherlands in Athens

Short Bio

Benno Groosman is a serial entrepreneur. His current positions include co-founder and business director of Surge-on Medical, Entrepreneur in Residence at Orange Grove Athens and founding director of Startups.

Benno has a track record in funding. He raised 2 million euros for his own medtech startups from grants, banks, investors and (European) funds. As the Entrepreneur in Residence at Orange Grove he developed a funding masterclass and provides hands-on mentoring to get innovative startups investment-ready. Through Startups he supports startup incubators and accelerators in the Netherlands, Greece, Brazil, Colombia and other countries.

Presentation Title: Medical technology startup funding: a practical approach from an experienced entrepreneur


In this presentation Benno Groosman will share his experience in founding, funding and growing two medical technology startups. He will share lessons about user centered development and strategic partnerships, which both are crucial for a medical product launch. Additionally, Benno Groosman will elaborate on the milestone-based funding approach he uses to leverage funding options like (European) grants, investors and bank loans. Working for the past 6 months in Athens, he will put these topics in a Greek perspective. Finally, Benno Groosman will speak about the Embassy of the Netherlands’ startup initiative Orange Grove.

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