IanTraceyFeb2016-1_150 Mr. Ian Tracey

  Secretary General




Short Bio

Ian is the Secretary General for HEPTech, the IP network based out of CERN covering 26 institutes across 16 countries.
Ian works at the UK Knowledge Transfer Network where he is Head of Access to Funding & Finance.
Previously he was Head of Entrepreneurship at STFC where he focused on helping start up and early stage companies take their ideas from conception to implementation.
He joined STFC from his own self funded public computing IT firm delivering public use computing.
Ian started his career as a bench scientist working on ""Home of the Future"" and ""Virtual Reality for team working"" before becoming a New Products Evangelist, the first UK public broadband line was at Ian's home and he was tasked to answer the question: Why would we want to be on the internet 24 x 7 and what will we do after we have read our emails ?

Presentation Title: Walk through the case study with the questions that need to be answered and the information that needs to be given


Using CERN Collaboration Spotting as the main case study, we will walk through the decisions that need to be made to protect and develop an idea.

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