Krinke_150x150 Dr.-Ing. Thomas Krinke

  Sales Manager Particle Instruments - Europe, Middle East & Africa

  TSI GmbH



Short Bio

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Krinke holds a diploma (1996) and a PhD (2001) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Duisburg. During his PhD and as a post-doctoral researcher (2001-2003) he worked at the Department of Solid State Physics at Lund University. His research focussed on the formation and deposition of engineered nanoparticles from the gas phase to create nanostructures. In 2004 he joined TSI GmbH. As part of his role he became an expert for the measurement of physical aerosol properties especially from engine exhaust. He is member of GAeF – the German Aerosol Association and NOSA – the Nordic Society for Aerosol Research.

Presentation Title: Measurement of Aerosol Properties in Environmental Research


Aerosols are solid or liquid particles suspended in a carrier gas. As our atmosphere is an aerosol, the understanding of aerosol properties is a driving force in environmental research. Physical parameters like the concentration of particles, size distribution, or morphology affect the climate as well as our health. In order to understand the effects, systematic aerosol research started out in the late 1890s. Big measurement campaigns in the 1960s led to a toolbox of measurement techniques. Initially being academic research only, it spread out into industrial applications later on. This presentation will give an overview over the evolution of instrumentation and the ongoing need for measurements of physical aerosol properties. They contribute to a better understanding leading to technological innovations that find applications in other areas like for instance nanotechnology and life science.

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