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Dr. Georgoussis is Raymetrics’ founder and C.E.O. He has been successfully running the company and designing and building LIDARs for atmospheric analysis for more than 12 years. He is also Raymetrics’ main LIDAR technical expert. He has extensive experience on software development for LIDAR instrumentation and LIDAR data analysis for atmospheric applications. Additionally Dr. Georgoussis is the main optical engineer of Raymetrics S.A with extensive experience on LIDAR optical ray-tracing and simulation. He is also jointly responsible for company strategy in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Dr. Georgoussis has a PhD in solid state physics from National Technical University of Athens. He has more than 25 referred papers and more than 40 papers in conference proceedings

Presentation Title: LIDAR a Remote Sensing Technique for monitoring atmopshere & a way to make business in global scale


It is well known that suspended aerosols play a key role to the atmosphere and climate of earth and also to humans’ health. Many techniques have been developed and or used to monitor and study aerosols. One of them is the LIDAR technique. LIDAR is the acronym of the phrase Light Detection And Ranging. LIDAR provides active optical remote sensing in backscattering. A pulsed laser transmitter is used and light backscattered from molecules and particles is collected by a receiver, detected and range resolved in a Radar like mode.

Although the technique is well known for more than 45 years, only the last 15 years LIDAR has been used extensively. From single Ceilometers for cloud base high measurements, to advanced multiwavelength depolarization lidar for aerosol microphysical properties studies and aerosol characterization, lidar technology improved and nowadays is used in multiple applications and various studies.

Raymetrics is probably the first company in the world that started to design and build commercial advanced lidar systems. A single business idea, back in 2001 turned to be a successful business today, where Raymetics is a key player worldwide in the LIDAR market for atmospheric, meteorological and air pollution monitoring applications. Raymetrics’ customers span from single researchers up to large national organizations and can provide solutions for either simple or advanced units to individual groups or complex lidar networks for volcanic ash detections.

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