Constantinos_Potiriadis Dr. Constantinos Potiriadis

  Head of Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Department and Head of the Research Reactor Office

  Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE)



Short Bio

Nuclear Physicist with experience of more than 15 years in the field of environmental radioactivity internal dosimetry and 8 years in the nuclear safety from regulatory point of view. Head of Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Department and of the of the Research Reactor Office of Greek Atomic Energy Commission. He has led and participated in EC and IAEA projects. He is member in various committees, among which the Euratom Treaty Art.31 Group.

Presentation Title: Simulation of a position sensitive detector based on pixelated CdTe crystals


Simulation studies were performed to determine the efficiency of the Compton reconstruction algorithms and the algorithms for the radioactive source localization and identification used for the development of the portable spectroscopic instrument developed in the framework of the COCAE project.   Various Compton Sequence reconstruction algorithms have been compared using a large number of simulated events. These algorithms are based on Compton kinematics, as well as on statistical test criteria that exploit the redundant information of events having two or more photon interactions in the active detector’s volume.

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