Alexandros_Clouvas Prof. Alexandros Clouvas

  Professor of Nuclear Technology and Head of the Nuclear Technology Laboratory

  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



Short Bio

Professor of Nuclear Technology and Head of the Nuclear Technology Laboratory . His scientific interests are: 1)Radiation metrology (in situ gamma spectrometry, detector simulation) 2) Environmental radioactivity (gamma radiation, cosmic radiation, NORM/TENORM, radionuclide migration in soil, indoor radon,radon in soil, radon in thermal spas ) 3) Measurements and Monte Carlo simulations in gamma radiation fields 4) Study of subcritical nuclear devices. He is/was scientific coordinator in 16 national and international research projects and he is (co) author in 82 publications (Peer review) in international scientific journals (about 900 citations, h index 18). He is member in different scientific committees in Greece and abroad. (

Presentation Title: Research activities in the framework of the  Joint Research Program entitled “ Metrology of radiological early warning networks in Europe”


The nuclear power plant accident at Fukushima Daiichi clearly confirmed the need for exchanging radiological information in real-time at an international level, even for remote accidents. During a radiological emergency with transboundary implications in Europe, the European Commission will issue recommendations to EU Member States based on data from national early warning networks. This could affect millions of people and may have severe economic and sociological consequences. Therefore, metrologically sound monitoring data of ambient dose rate and airborne radionuclide activity concentrations, co-ordinated with data from international radiological networks, are a prerequisite for adequate environmental radiation monitoring in Europe. In June  2014  started  a Joint Research Program  entitled “Metrology of radiological early warning  networks in Europe” which is funded by EURAMET and EU. In this program are participating   metrology institutes and  research organizations  from 10 European countries. One of them is the Nuclear Technology  Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The different research activities of  the  Nuclear Technology Laboratory in the framework of this project will be presented and discussed.

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