WS3 – Singularity Youth: Vision Forward

The Demokritos Research Center (NCSR) in collaboration with SingularityU Greece Summit, is organizing for the second consecutive year the Singularity Youth Event, a day devoted to Youth that are looking towards to the Future.

World class speakers from the SU faculty, on Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology, will share the latest trends on a global level. In Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology will greatly determine the future and also the occupations  in the future.

Future Forward: Key Challenges in AI and Biotech, Unveiling the mysteries of the Universe

Artificial Intelligence will shape our economic and social environment in the coming decades. Anita Schjøll Brede, SU Faculty at Singularity University, will present and discuss developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and how they will affect us all on a professional level.

The field of Biotechnology and the future of food will drastically affect human life in the years to come. Global food production and demographics are changing through Biotechnology. Speaker Lauri Reuter, SU Faculty at Singularity University, will explain how Biotechnology will affect health, food production and longevity.

Demokritos’ action in collaboration with Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE will also be presented. The XPRIZE contest, aiming at mapping our oceans, has a global impact on research and humanity. Demokritos’ contribution to the competition as well as the great benefits for the Demokritos Research Center and the European Research Project Km3Net will be presented by the Director of the Institute of Nuclear & Particle Physics, Dr. Christos Markou.

Action Forward: How to Design your Future:

The second part includes two speakers with great experience in the market. Vodafone and Deloitte consultants will talk about new professions that will be shaped by exponential developments in technology.

They will discuss the new opportunities, the importance of looking beyond Deep Tech and seeking soft skills such as teamwork and creativity, but also the ability to adapt to constant change. Our Adaptability Quotient will in the future be more important than our Intelligence Quotient. Exponential technologies are here and they are beckoning us to develop our imagination and adaptability.

Speakers: Iro Melliou, Vodafone, Yiorgos Frangos, Deloitte.

Location: Main Auditorium, Building 12 Date: July 10, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Niki Siropoulou

Director - SingularityU Greece Summit

Anita Schjøll Brede

CEO and Co-Founder of - SingularityU Nordic Faculty

Lauri Reuter

Senior Specialist of Disruptive Technologies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. - SingularityU Nordic

Fay Christodoulou

Co founder & Chief, Scientific Officer - Miroculus Inc, San Francisco Bay Area Biotechnology

Christos Markou

Director of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics - National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos

Iro Melliou

Human Resources Director of Vodafone Greece - Vodafone Greece

Yiorgos Fragkos

Human Capital Consulting Leader - Deloitte