Dr Kostas Eleftheriadis

Invited Talk: Welcome Address - Introduction to research results for LIFE projects


An introduction on the potential for the research community to convey research results for developing policy tools, demonstration and information actions to stakeholders and the society for Environmental protection and long term planning against climate change.

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  Research Director

  National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”



Short Bio

Over 25 years of research experience related to aerosol physicochemical characterization, application of nuclear techniques to environmental studies and radioactivity including development of novel sampling and measurement techniques. He has established and is responsible for the Demokritos Regional Research Aerosol station, member of the Global Atmosphere Watch network (GAW-DEM), operating since 2007 and Helmos Mountain station since 2016. He has been actively involved in European initiatives for the development of standardized methods, through EUSAAR (European Supersites for Atmospheric Aerosol Research) and ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure network) activities. He has also served as an Expert in missions for the Regional IAEA/AFRA projects, as well as the National Counterpart for Greece in Regional IAEA programs. He has been the PI and coordinated for Demokritos several EU FP and National programs. Among these, he has coordinated the ENTEC Infrastructure REGPOT FP7 programme for Capacity Building the NCSR Demokritos atmospheric science and technology Infrastructure, led the DG-ENV LIFE+ ACEPT-AIR programme and was PI for NCSR in the LIFE AIRUSE and LIFE-INDEX programmes. , He has more than 115 publications in peer reviewed journals regarding atmospheric aerosol science, measurement methodology and applications in radiation protection, air pollution and climate impact of atmospheric aerosol. President of the Hellenic Association for Aerosol Research, member of the Pan Eurasian Academy of Sciences

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