Dr Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis

Invited Talk: Transforming lots of geospatial data into actionable intelligence: Research Challenges and Lessons Learned at MarineTraffic


Soon Available

  Senior Researcher

  University of the Aegean



Short Bio

Dr. Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis is a Senior Researcher at the R&D department of MarineTraffic. His current research interests and areas of expertise include Machine Learning, Distributed and Cloud based Big Data analytics, while he has also focused on Dynamic Resource Allocation, Network Management, Spectrum Management and Spectrum Sharing in 5G networks over the past years. His published scientific work includes more than 15 publications (scientific journals, books and conferences included), with approximately 50 citations to date, having also 2 patents filed in the European Patent Office. He has participated in numerous research projects funded by the European Union (FP7&H2020) or by industrial partners undertaking research activities as well as managerial roles.

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