Assist. Prof. Alexander Artikis

Invited Talk: How not to drown in a sea of information: An event recognition approach


Soon Available

  Assistant Professor in the University of Piraeus, Research Associate in NCSR Demokritos

  University of Piraeus, NCSR Demokritos


Short Bio

Alexander Artikis is an Assistant Professor in the University of Piraeus, and a Research Associate in the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR ``Demokritos'', in Athens, Greece, where he leads the Complex Event Recognition lab ( He holds a PhD from Imperial College London on the topic of multi-agent systems, while his research interests lie in the areas of artificial intelligence and distributed systems. He has published over 70 papers in related journals and conferences. Alexander has been serving as a member of the program committees of several international conferences, including IJCAI, DEBS, CIKM, ECAI, AAMAS and AAAI. He has been working on several EU-funded projects on event processing, being the scientific coordinator in some of them.

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