Open Innovation, Open Software and Hardware

Workshop Chair: M. Barone

The workshop will look at the different models that drive the innovation landscape. It will start with an overview of the successful case studies where Open innovation has been used to take technology and move it to society. We will describe how this fits into the European Strategy for Particle Physics, as well as supporting the Open Science model.

We will then look at the common tools that are used to help communicate the benefits of Open and their projects to others, to help people build momentum behind their projects. We will look at the possible funding routes and how to communicate with funders to support you in your quest.

We will also look at the business models and how they are applied to the Open paradigm. This will include Open Source Software (OSS): Overview and models, How OSS fits within Open Science and Open Innovation. Successful Business Stories, as well as Open Hardware: Motivation, Development and Business Models. Successful business stories.

Some elements of this workshop will be hands on and interactive. We want to help empower people to change the world they live in, using the Open methodology.

Location: Building 6 Date: July 5, 2017 Time: 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Dr Michele Barone

Open Innovation, Open Software and Hardware

PhD Jean-Marie Le Goff

Τhe theory of Open Innovation - Open software and hardware examples


Where is the money, Public, Private, why governments give grants. - Open Biz model examples, case study and workshop