FILIPPOUPOLITI_150 Prof. Anastasia Filippoupoliti

  Assistant Professor

  Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood, Democritus University of Thrace



Short Bio

Anastasia Filippoupoliti is Assistant Professor in museum education at the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece). She is an historian of science by discipline and a professional museologist. She works on museology, museum education and exhibition design from the perspective of science museums and the history of science. She worked on these areas as a postdoctoral researcher in the Austrian Academy of Sciences researching also on art/science interrelationships.
She has edited a two-volume book entitled Science Exhibitions: Communication and Evaluation and Science Exhibitions: Curation and Design (MuseumsEtc 2010). She currently researches on how the history of science as a discipline informs the related science exhibitions and education programmes; this research will materialize in a special issue of the Science & Education journal (Springer 2013) that she currently co-curates. She has recently completed a funded exhibition project that considered the re-interpretation of the maritime past in the Maritime Museum of Andros island and the editorship of a guest issue of the International Journal of Heritage Studies (Taylor & Francis 2012) entitled “Memory in the Maritime Museum: Objects, Narratives, Identities”.

Presentation Title: Science and Technology Museums: communication, experience and learning


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