Nazende_Günday_Türeli_150 Dr. Nazende Günday-Türeli

  Team Leader Research and Development

  MJR PharmJet GmbH

Short Bio

N. Günday Türeli (R&D team leader - Female) possesses 10+ year of international R&D experience in pharmaceutical companies and research organisation. She is experienced on Quality-by-Design approaches and GMP manufacturing as well as common technical document (CTD) preparations for marketing authorization in EU and their applications, thus EU regulatory requirements. She has been actively working in national and international research projects over the years. She has assisted initiation of Pharmaceuticals National Technology Platform in Turkey (number of participants from academia and industry >500).

Presentation Title: GMP conform Production of Pharmaceutical Nanoparticles


The worldwide market need for nano-applications in the biomedical field is well described by several national and international studies and is huge in the different application areas. During the last decades, however, only a very limited section of those studies have made its way to the market, mostly due to the translational gap between research and industry. In order to overcome that hurdle, a technology platform, that enables industrial scales and conforms regulatory requirements, is inevitable to ensure that developed nanoparticles reach the end user, and reduce the time-to-market. MJR PharmJet offers long years of experience in particle development and analyses, which is reflected into efficient development strategies for particulate systems.

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