Thanos_Demiris Dr. Thanos Demiris

  R&D Director

  Micro2gen Ltd


Short Bio

Dr. Thanos DEMIRIS is leading the R&D activities of micro2gen Ltd. He received his Diploma and Ph.D. in Medical Informatics with a focus in Biomedical Image Analysis and Visualization from the University of Heidelberg in Germany. In the past he has worked at the German Cancer Research Centre, as invited lecturer for the University of Heidelberg, the Aegean University, the Athens Information Technology Institute, Mediterranean College and the Technical Chamber of Greece. His research interests include applications of computer vision in biomedical applications, biomedical instrumentation design and integration and bioinformatics. He has published over 50 papers in journals and reviewed conferences, organized workshops and conferences and serves as reviewer for scientific journals and conferences.

Presentation Title: Genetic analysis on modular disposable microfluidic microsystems using exchangeable detection sensor modules for scalable application requirements


Disposable microfluidic microsystems are predestined for clinical lab-on-chip applications in the point-of-care realm. Their application introduces numerous advantages, especially when deployed as a reduced-cost and reduced-time screening tools. As different clinical screening applications pose different requirements for the amount of biomarkers to be detected, as well as time and accuracy, different sensing technologies may be utilized depending on the context. A versatile microsystem design for laminar flow microfluidics, capable of handling different sensor technologies for the genetic analysis of pre-processed blood samples is presented along with the underlying instrumentation concepts for its universal-type control. The microsystem has been applied to the detection of different pathogens using third-party electrochemical and optical biosensors.

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