GRITZALIS_150x150 Prof. Dimitris Gritzalis

  Professor of ICT Security

  Department of Informatics , Athens University of Economics and Business


Short Bio

Dimitris Gritzalis (, is a Professor of ICT Security at the Dept. of Infor¬ma¬tics of the At¬hens University of Economics and Bu¬¬siness. He is, also, the Di-rec¬tor of the Infor¬ma¬ti¬on Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (INFOSEC) Laboratory and the Director of the M.Sc. Programme in Information Systems. Prof. Gritzalis holds a B.Sc. (Mat¬he¬ma¬¬tics, Univ. of Patras), a M.Sc. (Computer Scien¬¬¬ce, City Uni¬ver¬si¬ty of New York) and a Ph.D. (Cri¬ti¬cal Infor¬ma¬tion Systems Security, U¬niv. of the Aegean). His current research in¬te¬¬rests focus on IT Security, Open Source Intelligence, Critical ICT Infra-stru¬c¬tu¬re Protection, and Advanced Persistent Threats. He has ser¬ved as Asso¬ciate Commis-sio¬ner of the Gre¬¬ek Data Pro¬¬¬tection Com¬mission and as the President of the Greek Computer So¬cie¬ty. Prof. Gritzalis is the Academic Editor of the Computers & Security journal (Elsevier).

Presentation Title: Social Media Intelligence in practice: The NEREUS experimental platform


The increasing rise of social media has enabled users to share vast amount of user generated content in the online world. Such information could be easily gathered and processed in order to extract intelligence over its content. Nereus experimental framework serves as a tool able to extract intelligence from data collected from social media and draw conclusions over usage behavior. Such intrusive technologies could put in danger civil rights and thus should not be considered as a solely technical issue. The demo functionality presented, detects negative attitude towards law enforcement/ infringement from YouTube and is able to detect users characterized by delinquent behavior. Furthermore, it focuses on the detection of deviant behavior of minors, such as violent behavior or cyber bullying.

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