Chatzichristos_150x150 Commander Georgios Chatzichristos

  Plans & Exercises Cell Leader

  Cyber Defence Branch, J6 Division CIS & Cyber Defence Directorate Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)



Short Bio

Commander Georgios Chatzichristos, Hellenic Navy, is the Cyber Defence Plans and Exercises Cell Leader at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium.He graduated the Hellenic Navy Academy as a Marine Engineer in 1993 and received his MSc in Electrical Engineering and the Degree of Electrical Engineer from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA in 2001. During his 25 year career in the Hellenic Navy he has served among other posts, as a C4ISR Officer on frigates and Salamina Naval Base, being at the same time a Professor Assistant at the Hellenic Navy Academy in the fields of Electronic Warfare, Communications and Underwater Acoustics.His Academic Research has been focused in Software Radios and Classifiers for digital modulations.Following his two years assignment at the Hellenic Navy General Staff, C3 Directorate as Unclassified Networks Branch Head, he was assigned to SHAPE at the CIS & Cyber Defence Directorate.His current duties include integration of Cyber Defence into NATO exercises, Education & Training Requirements for Cyber Defence and planning. He is currently chairing the Allied Command Operations Cyber Resilience Working Group (CRWG) and is member of the Core Planning Team for the Cyber Coalition exercise, NATO’s largest Cyber Defence Exercise.

Presentation Title: Cyber Defence from the NATO Allied Command Operations Perspective


NATO networks are susceptible to a variety of threats and actors. The military needs to operate in this contested, and at times, chaotic domain.
Military organizations are heavily reliant on CIS for their activities, whether it is for Command and Control purposes, or for the use of the latest weapon systems.
The cyberspace has added a new dimension to military activities and warfare. The actions that take place in cyberspace is becoming a game changer as cyber security not only permeates all aspects of military activities but also affects all aspects of the life of a modern society.
NATO is responding to the rapid increase of cyber threats by creating or updating doctrines, policies, capabilities and providing assistance to its allies.

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