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Short Bio

Mr. Vasilis Kontogiannis received his B.Eng. degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Leeds, U.K. with graduate scholarship and his M.Sc. (Eng.) in Radio Communications and High Frequency Engineering from the University of Leeds, U.K. He is a Telecommunications and Software Engineer in the Computational Medicine Laboratory (CML) at the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH. Furthermore, he has been working in the field of biomedical engineering with focus to analysis, design and development of medical information systems and network infrastructure for the implementation of telematics in health. Participated in several national and EU funded projects in the healthcare domain, contributed in data modelling, integration and design of teleconsultation systems, homecare platforms, telemedicine applications for ambulatory care and emergency management, clinical information systems, evaluation of continuous medical education platforms as well as disaster and emergency management applications for civil protection with the use of satellite, Wi-Fi and mobile communications. Moreover, he served as project coordinator and technical project manager to EU projects related to civil protection disaster medicine.

Presentation Title: Awareness and communication actions for information and communication technologies in the management of falls, chronic diseases and emergency


Awareness and communication actions are often the missing link between the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) and their uptake by the relevant stakeholders. ICT enabled management of falls, chronic diseases and emergency are collaborative effortsinvolving an extensive network of stakeholders including the elderly population. These technologies can only make a difference if all levels of the network of the involved stakeholders are aware of them. The ENOFALLS thematic network has developed a set of recommendations to enhance collaborations and facilitate a quicker and more intense uptake of ICT-based solutions.

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