NITODAS_150x150 Dr. Stephanos Nitodas

  Manager of Research and business development

  Glonatech S.A.



Short Bio

Dr. Stephanos Nitodas graduated with the diploma of Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Subsequently, he received his Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering & Materials Science from the University of Rochester, New York. He has been awarded the Morris Cohen Distinguished Award of the Corrosion Division of the Electrochemical Society for innovation in Ph.D. thesis (2001). Dr. Nitodas possesses extensive experience in chemical vapor deposition systems and technologies for the production of nanostructured carbon of various forms. He has also worked for several years in the development of protocols for the functionalization of carbon nanotubes and the synthesis of polymer-CNTs composites with both thermoplastic matrices and resins. He has served as Scientific Consultant to the Deputy Minister of Education, Greece (2010-2012) in terms of preparation of research calls descriptions and implementation of guides for new research programs. He is co-editor in the Journal of Nanoscience with Advanced Technology, in charge of peer-reviewing research papers in the field of nanotechnology, advanced materials and high-tech processes. He has acted as the coordinator of four (4) research projects (European and Greek national) and has also participated as scientific manager in more than twelve (12) other national and FP6/FP7 projects. He is the co-author of 25 publications and one patent.

Presentation Title: EU funded project “Carboncomp”


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