BRESSY_150x150 Associate Prof. Christine Bressy

  Associate Professor

  MAPIEM laboratory, University of Toulon



Short Bio

Christine Bressy is graduated from the National School of Chemistry (ENSCM) of Montpellier, France. She is an associate professor at the University of Toulon, France (MAPIEM laboratory). Dr. Bressy has over 18 years of project/program experience in her areas of expertise including polymer chemistry and physicochemistry, and the development of antifouling coatings. Her current research is focused on the development of new binders for antifouling paints that have lower impact on the environment and that are efficient over a long term period. She was in charge of several projects based on the ship surface protection by antifouling paints (ECOPAINT PACA, 2007-2011), ACWS (European Defence Agency, 2008-2011), SeaPaint (RAPID, 2012-2014), AF-ElectroCoatings (ANR 2013-2016). She is also involved in BIOPAINTROP project (ANR 2012-2016) to develop ecological antifouling coatings by selecting natural molecules with an anti-adhesion action from cultures of tropical microalga strains. Dr. Bressy is involved in testing and expertise proposals to industrial customers in the antifouling paint area. She is the corresponding author of the article “Fouling release coatings: a nontoxic alternative to biocidal antifouling coatings” in Chemical Reviews, Volume 112, pages 4347-4390 with co-authors Dr. M. Lejars and Dr. A. Margaillan.

Presentation Title: Seawater hydrolysable polymers for antifouling coatings


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