PAPADOPOULOS_150x150 Dr. Homer Papadopoulos


  Division of Applied Technologies, NCSR "Demokritos"


Short Bio

Dr Homer Papadopoulos holds a Physics degree and a Pre PhD on Telecommunications from the University of Athens and a Bio-design Graduate Certificate from Stanford University US. He has an MBA at Warwick University and he holds a PhD from IS/IT Department of Bath University UK. Dr. Papadopoulos has been working for NCSR "Demokritos" for 15 years (now under permanent contract at NCSR “D”DAT) managing various European funded Research programs within the fields of e-services, mobile services and technologies and broadband telecommunication networks. Now he is coordinating among the others the project. He has published several papers in journals and international conferences. Recently, he has set up a spin off private company, Syndesis ltd., with a main focus to exploit commercially state of the art bio-medicine technologies and electronic health services.

Presentation Title: Implementing unobtrusive monitoring, Internet of Things and Decision technologies for healthier lives - The use cases of USEFIL, ReAAL, ProFouND and COncORDE.


Internet of Things is transforming the way we are communicating with devices and physical objects. Internet of Everything and Web of Things augmented the IoT data including human-generated information, such as social media data producing Big Data volumes. Within the realm of successful implementation of NCSRs’ EU funded projects (USEFIL, REAAL social pilot, Profound and ConCORDE) the presentation will present and address promising use cases for implementing IoT and WoT and intelligent analysis of the Big Data volumes in the areas of Chronic Diseases, Ageing and emergency.

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