eleftheriadis_150x150 Dr. Kostas Eleftheriadis

  Research Director

  Environmental Redioactivity Lab, Institute, Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences & Technology, Energy & Safety, NCSR "Demokritos"



Short Bio

Dr.Konstantinos ELEFTHERIADIS He is a Director of Research at NCSR Demokritos. Research expertise on Physicochemical aerosol characterization with respect to climatic active aerosol species, nano-particle metrology, development of novel sampling and measurement techniques for aerosol particles, exposure of humans to aerosol contaminants such as heavy metals and radioactive pollutants, and retrieval of emission source impact, source apportionment and receptor modelling.
PI for Demokritos in several EU FP and DG-ENV programmes namely, NICE, SUB-AERO, URBAN-AEROSOL, URBAN-EXPOSURE, EUSAAR, ACTRIS, LIFE+ACEPT-AIR, LIFE+AIRUSE, ITN Marie Curie HEXACOMM, IAEA Regional projects & other National programmes
Coordinator of the FP7 REGPOT-EnTeC for enhancing the capacity of NCSR Atmospheric Reseacrh and Technology Infrastructure.
PI of the NCSR Infrastructure component in PANACEA, . He has a major role in the Greek Consortium of stations participating in the ACTRIS Network. He has the role of National Counterpart for Greece in Regional IAEA programmes, namely RER/2/005 and RER/8/009. He currently co-ordinates the DG Environment LIFE+ project: Development of A Cost Efficient Policy Tool for reduction of Particulate Matter in air. He has established and is responsible for the DEM, GAW-Regional contributing Aerosol Station of NCSR-D. He has supervised 3 PhD theses and 5 MSc project theses. He has more than 50 publications in peer reviewed journals regarding aerosol science and applications in atmospheric research, measurement methodology and methods of nano-particle characterization for applications in air pollution and climate impact of atmospheric aerosol. (>800 Citations, h-index=17). Reviewer for the Academic journals:Atmospheric Environment, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Aerosol Science, Water Air and Soil Pollution, Chemosphere, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, Science of the total Environment. Invited reviewer and evaluator for project proposals by a) EURAMET European Metrology Research, on Environment Health New Technologies and basic SI measures, b) Programme on Environment, the Czech Academy of Sciences Grant programme. Two invited expert missions by IAEA in the Environment programme for Africa.,Member of the National Emergency Action Plan “Xenokratis”,President and Founding member of the Hellenic Association for Aerosol Research.

Presentation Title: Development of Innovative technology, products and services through Research Infrastructures for Climate Change and Atmospheric pollution Research


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