Ioannis Montinos

Invited Talk: Prospects for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies in Transport & Mobility


The presentation will focus on the economic sense of a low-carbon hydrogen production installation serving the hydrogen users of an area, where multiple industries use hydrogen for logistics, mobility, fuel production, chemicals etc. The study highlights the need for stacking revenue streams in order for the low-carbon hydrogen producer to ensure minimum losses. Of course, at this early stage of deployment, the need for governmental support is vital and in order to stimulate this kind of investment, the competitive decarbonisation potential of hydrogen has to be proved.

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  Chemical Engineering Department, NTUA



Short Bio

Ioannis Montinos just completed his 1 year internship and thesis at Toyota Motor Europe R&D centre, where he focused on the techno-economic investigation of green and low carbon hydrogen production for applications beyond transport. During his internship, Ioannis represented Toyota in the advisory committees of various EU/government-funded projects including Early Hydrogen Business Cases and the Flemish Power to Gas cluster. During his internship, he also worked on the analysis of EU policies on alternative fuels and their supply and demand. His past experience focuses more on process engineering and fuel technology. He is now finishing his studies at the Chemical Engineering Department of NTUA.

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