Iacovides_150 Mr. Evelthon G. Iacovides


  Managing Director of Continental Shelf Associates (CSA) MED Ltd and the owner/president of Epsilon Consulting Ltd



Short Bio

Mr. Evelthon G. Iacovides is the Managing Director of Continental Shelf Associates (CSA) MED Ltd and the owner/president of Epsilon Consulting Ltd. He has supported CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc. (www.csaocean.com) for the past five years in their environmental and social/economic impact assessment studies in Block 12 of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). During his 30-year career, he has lived and worked in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Europe (Germany) and Asia (Hong Kong), in marketing and market research (1988-1996). Upon returning to his native Cyprus in 1997, he co-founded Epsilon Consulting Ltd (www.epsilon.gr), a consulting firm specializing in small business consulting, environmental and social impact assessment, and non-technical risk assessment of public and private investment projects. During his 19 years at Epsilon Consulting, Mr. Iacovides has participated as a partner in several EU-funded applied research projects. He has also taught a broad variety of business administration subjects at local and international institutions.

Presentation Title: Hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean: a review of the organizational challenges related to the response to an oil-leakage accident


There is immediate need for integrated response from the relevant stakeholders (scientists, governments, oil and gas companies) to an oil spill in the eastern Mediterranean. This presentation will argue that a comprehensive, three-part approach should be adopted, comprising:

1. The foundation of a fully equipped Environmental Emergency Response Center, which will be based in an eastern Mediterranean country, and will be funded by regional governments and international organizations (to ensure the prevention of oil spills),

2. The deployment of the necessary scientific sample collection equipment for early spill characterization, such as CSA Ocean Sciences’ “Slick Kit”, www.slickkit.com (to conduct proper measurement of oil spills), and

3. The pre-positioning/installation of DIFIS technology in the eastern Mediterranean region, so that appropriate intervention and maximum containment of oil spills resulting from well blow-outs is achieved (www.difis.eu, Double Inverted Funnel for Intervention on Shipwrecks).

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