Lagoyannis_150 Dr. Anastasios Lagoyannis

  Senior Researcher

  Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, NCSR "Demokritos"


Short Bio

Dr. Anastasios Lagoyannis, studied physics at the University of Ioannina, Greece and received his PhD in 2001. In March 2014, he was elected as a senior research scientist. His main research interests involve Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Astrophysics and ion-beam-based nuclear analytical techniques. He has been a member of the organizing committees of all recent workshops and international conferences organized by INPP. In the last years, he is involved in the European Fusion Program studying materials using ion beam analysis techniques. His record includes 77 peer-reviewed articles, and 16 papers in conference proceedings.

Presentation Title: Nuclear analytical techniques in the study of fusion materials


Materials migration in fusion plasma devices and fuel retention in plasma facing components are issues of great importance for the safe operation of the fusion devices. The underlying mechanisms require a good understanding in order to help to make predictions regarding the lifetime of the plasma facing components, and to estimate the amount of fuel that would be retained and buried under deposited layers.
The presented work refers to ion beam analysis of the ITER-like divertor Tiles of the JET tokamak which were exposed to the D-D neutron spectrum. Also, the capabilities of micro beam analysis at Demokritos accelerator are presented.

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