Dr Homer Papadopoulos_150 Dr. Homer Papadopoulos

  Senior Researcher

  Division of Applied Technologies, NCSR "Demokritos"



Short Bio

Dr Homer Papadopoulos holds a Physics degree and a Pre PhD on Telecommunications from the University of Athens and a Bio-design Graduate Certificate from Stanford University US. He has an MBA at Warwick University and he holds a PhD from IS/IT Department of Bath University UK. Dr. Papadopoulos has been working as researcher for NCSR "Demokritos" for 15 years managing various European funded Research programs within the fields of information systems for health, e-services, mobile services and technologies and broadband telecommunication networks. He has coordinated among the others the www.usefil.eu project. He has published several papers in journals and international conferences. Recently, he has set up a spin off private company, Syndesis ltd., with a main focus to exploit commercially state of the art bio-medicine technologies and electronic health services.

Presentation Title: Welcome


In the EIP on AHA framework, the “synergy” concept has been introduced for reinforcing the collaboration across the Action Groups on specific matters of common interest. Reinvigorated engagement for this kind of cooperation is considered relevant in the current phase of the EIP on AHA. Synergies are referenced as thematic working groups which interests are cross-cutting to one or several Action Groups under the EIP on AHA and are established in a collaborative approach. 8 synergies have been identified so far by the EIP on AHA Action Groups. Synergies are carried out by a number of committed organisations led by a leader who is in charge to coordinate the work and secure the delivery of joint results. Action Group A1 is leading the synergy on “Information technology and adherence in ageing population with chronic diseases and polypharmacy”. It has the has the main goal to increase the adherence to treatment of older age adults with chronic diseases and polypharmacy (i) assessing the role of ICT – based solutions such as advanced processing of data, decision support applications and remote monitoring and consultation systems, and (ii) implementing tailored ICT- based interventions.
This first face to face meeting is aimed at introducing and share the work to be carried out within the synergy, plan the activities for the next month and secure the deployment of results in view of the next EIP on AHA Conference of Partners (Cop2016) which will take place in December 2016.

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