MAKRI_150x150 Ms. Elina Makri

  Vice President

   Babel International


Short Bio

Elina Makri was born in Athens, where she still lives. Elina left Greece to study Law in France and International and European Law in Belgium. Returning to Greece, she founded the Greek branch of the pan European digital youth media ( She is the vice-President of Babel International and since 2006 she has participated and implemented various projects related to new media, always involving a pan-European newsroom and network of media professionals. Οn 2014 she founded the Youth Investigative Journalism Prize ( Elina was awarded Charlemagne Youth Prize on May 2012 in Germany. Elina is also the co-founder of (, a networked digital platform designed to trace and connect journalists, fixers and media professionals around the globe. She is also the Greek editor of (, a Greek-German media project in which German and Greek journalists are working together on topics of common concern, serving the European public interest. Elina currently works as project manager of media projects that include ICT and data processing, driven by the ever-increasing intersection between technology, science and social needs – demands, providing for social and political innovation.

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