no-profile-150 Mr. John Bothos

  Research Associate

  NCSR DEMOKRITOS Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications Integrated Systems Laboratory


Short Bio

"John Bothos is an economist, with his main field of expertise being
Applied Economic and Social Analysis with the use of mathematical
econometric methods and econometric modeling. He has a ten year
professional experience in conducting and composing relevant studies,
in project designing, project programming and project management. "

Presentation Title: Economic and business aspects of the digital culture & tourism markets


From our perspective, we approach the digital culture and tourism markets, with the scope of highlighting the economic and business aspects of them. More specifically, we research how factors that determine economic feasibility of business projects in that areas, like demand and consumption, revenues, profits, etc., are related with other determining economic as well as social factors like prices, income, currency exchange rates, age structure, educational level, cultural activity, etc. By the use of statistics we investigate the correlation between tourism flows and digital products sales and fluctuations of the values of the above aforementioned determinants and by the use of econometric modelling, we attempt to measure the form and the degree of the dependence between them, to explain it on the basis of economic and social theories and to forecast future market fluctuations in these areas.

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