LI_150x150 Dr. Guangning Li

  Marie Curie Research Fellow

  School of Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering, Kingston University



Short Bio

Guangning Li is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at Kingston University London, where he performs his research in the SANAD project and the school of Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering. He received his PH.D degree on aerodynamics and CFD at Northwestern Polytechnical University in China, and now his research interests include the mechanism of transition from laminar flow to turbulent, drag reduction and its high-fidelity simulating technique, numerical simulations of all-speed flows including subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows. He has excellent experience in CFD applications to industrial flows. The CFD code he developed has been used in many projects conducted in his research team with highly reliable results.

Presentation Title: Investigation of key aspects for accurate CFD drag prediction


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