kanellopoulos_sotirios_150x150 Dr. Sotirios Kanellopoulos

  Research Associate

  Integrated Systems Laboratory, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, NCSR "Demokritos"



Short Bio

Dr Sotiris Kanellopoulos (Mr) is an Electrical & Computer Engineer (Eng, PhD). He has a multidiscipline technical/ scientific background and a 6+ year experience in project & technical management. Currently, he works in 2 FP7 projects in the field of Integrated Maritime Surveillance:
• PERSEUS: His position in the project: Technical and Operational manager for the Eastern Campaign demonstration from September until October 2014 in the Aegean sea (WP22, WP24). Coordinate a large group of scientists, engineers, developers and operational personnel towards the development and demonstration of a Greek National Maritime Surveillance System.
• EUCISE2020: His position in the project: WP3 coordinator regarding CISE User Requirements, Topology and System governance approach.

Presentation Title: OCULUS Sea® Command and Control System and the PERSEUS Martime Surveillance Eastern Campaign


OCULUS Sea™ is a C2 platform for Integrated Maritime Surveillance. The platform consists of “loosely coupled” National/ Regional and Local C2 Centers which are “centrally governed”.
“Loosely coupled” as C2 Centers are located separately, share their Situational Pictures via a Message Oriented Middleware but preserve their administrational and operational autonomy. “Centrally governed” as there exists a central governance mechanism at the NCC that registers, authenticates and authorizes Regional and Local C2 centers into the OCULUS Sea network.
From operational point of view, OCULUS Sea has been tested under realistic conditions during the PERSEUS [3] Eastern Campaign and has been positively evaluated by Coast Guard officers from Spain and Greece. From Research and Development point of view, OCULUS Sea can act as a test bed for validating any technology development is this domain in the near future.

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