Mamandos_Prodromidis Dr. Mamantos Prodromidis

  Associate Professor

  University of Ioannina


Short Bio

Dr. Mamantos Prodromidis is Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry in the University of Ioannina. He has substantial experience in the development of analytical methods and devices based on chemical sensors and biosensors. He has more than 73 publications in peer-reviewed journals (mean IF >4), two review articles on amperometric and impedimetric biosensors and one patent. He has also been invited ten times as a speaker in various international conferences and seminars. He has supervised 7 M.S and 4 PhD students and, during his sabbatical leave, he held a visiting professor appointment at the University of Miami, Florida.

Presentation Title: Smart Programming of Modified Gold Surfaces for Impedimetric Biosensing Applications in Food Chemistry


This lecture describes the smart programming of modified gold surfaces for the impedimetric determination of: a) S. typhimurium in milk. Polyclonal anti-Salmonella was cross-linked on gold electrodes modified with a single 11–amino–1–undecanethiol (MUAM) self-assembled monolayer (SAM) or a mixed SAM of MUAM and 6–mercapto–1–hexanol at a constant 1+3 proportion. The effect of the surface modifications on both the sensitivity and the selectivity of the immunosensors are discussed, b) the clotting activity of rennet (natural enzyme extract that is used in cheese industry) by monitoring the interaction of immobilized (artificial) casein micelles with the rennet samples. Gold electrodes were modified with SAM of different thiols and the effect of each different electrode assembly on the performance of the resulting biosensors is also discussed.

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