kanterakis_150x150 Dr. Georgios Kanterakis

  Lieutenant Colonel , National Representative Η2020/Secure Societies




Short Bio

Lieutenant Colonel (HAF) Georgios Kanterakis graduated from the Hellenic Air Force Academy / Engineering Department (1992) and was assigned to the 114 Combat Wing as maintenance officer of M2000 aircraft, until 1999. He was then transferred to the Hellenic Air Force General Staff (HAFGS/C2), as Staff Officer for the implementation of the Μ2000-5, VIP aircraft and Super Puma Helicopters procurement contracts (1999 – 2006), while being member of the negotiations committee for the procurement of the Eurofighter aircraft (1999-2001). From June 2006 to June 2008, he has been assigned as Chief Engineer to the 114CW/332 Fighter Squadron (Μ2000 aircraft) and he was subsequently transferred to the HAFGS as Staff Officer for aircraft & engines maintenance, until 2011. Since September 2011 he has been assigned as Section Head to the Directorate for the Management of European and Development Projects of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMOD/GDFP&S/DMEDP), currently coordinating the participation of HMOD to fourteen (14) co-funded R&D projects (FP7, H2020 κλπ), mainly focusing in the “Security” area.
In parallel, he concluded his PhD studies in engineering at the National Technical University of Athens / School of Applied Sciences (NTUA/SAS - 2011), focusing at the Composite Materials and Structures scientific area. As NTUA Senior Researcher he has participated in the implementation and coordination of twenty six (26) national and European R&D projects (FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020, Cleansky etc), being co-author in fifty three (53) papers, published in international journals and conferences, with a total of forty one (41) citations. He has been teaching NTUA graduate and post-graduate students for several years, while authoring training material for distance learning of students and engineers concerning the Finite Element Analysis method. He is co-author of the «Special Chapters in Composite Materials» (G. Tsamasphyros & G. Kanterakis, NTUA/SAS, 2004) and «Damage Tolerance Design Philosophy» (G. Tsamasphyros & G. Kanterakis, NTUA/SAS, 2005).
Lt. Colonel Kanterakis has been repeatedly assigned by European Commission as Evaluator of R&D projects in aeronautics (FP7 Level I & Level II research projects, Η2020/Integrated Transport, CleanSky JTI κλπ), while having evaluated articles on behalf of scientific journals in the area of Structural Health Monitoring (Journal of Sensors κλπ.). He was assigned as National Expert at FP7/Transport including Aeronautics, while, since September 2013, he has been appointed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) as the National Representative to the HORIZON2020/Secure Societies Programme Committee.

Presentation Title: Greek participation in “H2020/Secure Societies” and the need of funding “Dual-Use” applications through NSRF, to meet future EU challenges


The participation of Greek entities (R&D institutes, industry, end-users) in EU funded “Security Research” (FP7/Security – H2020/Secure Societies) is continuously increasing, having reached a maximum during last year’s call. However, this is not the case for the continuously shrinking “Security Market”, which is supposed to uptake products deriving from the aforementioned R&D activities. At the same time the “Security Needs” of EU citizens are constantly increasing and transforming. The solution to this problem appears to be the exploitation of dual-use technologies, which funding could be enabled through EU R&D funds (H2020). At the same time, it should be ensured that developed technologies would be subsequently transformed into useful “products and services”, which procurement by the MS would be co-funded by the EU Structural Funds (NSRF), through formation of a “Homeland Security” Operational Programme per country. To this end, high-level cooperation is required, through the involvement of the competent authorities of the corresponding Ministries of Defence, Citizens’ Protection and Maritime Affairs, in order to assemble a Homeland Security National Coordination Board (HSNCB).

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