Carla_Ferreri Dr. Carla Ferreri

  Senior Researcher

  Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


Short Bio

Carla Ferreri, Senior Researcher at the CNR Research Area of Bologna (Italy) has research interests in multidisciplinary areas, involving free radicals, chemical transformations under biomimetic conditions (liposomes), biomarker discovery related to free radical stress. Her innovation project: “LIPIDOMIC PROFILE of CELL MEMBRANES: A MOLECULAR APPROACH applied to HUMAN HEALTH” received in 2010 the ITWIIN award as the BEST INNOVATOR WOMAN in Italy. She is consultant of Italian companies and of the Spanish AZTI Tecnalia innovation company. She is author of 150 papers, 3 patents and 1 book, and is co-founder of LipinutragenSrl and Lipinutramed Ltd, both spin-off companies in lipidomics located in Italy and Greece.

Presentation Title: New trends in Personalised Medicine: Membrane Lipidomics in Health and Diseases


Molecular medicine considers human body madeof biological compartments and the proper molecular compositionis necessary to ensure the proper function. The cell membrane has its own lipid composition, defined as the membrane lipidome, which can be monitored by lipidomics. Inadequate diets and life styles can perturb the correct composition, with disregulation of the membrane exchanges, recognitions and signals, and this is also connected with further disease onset. Lipidomic profiles of the mature red blood cell membranes of human subjectsin different health conditions will be described. The analysis is a modern tool for medical doctors to understand the patients at molecular level and to assign a personalized intervention with nutritional elements, addressed to the recovery of membrane lipidome from incorrect or unbalanced conditions, with amelioration of quality of life and clinical conditions.

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