Anastasia_Savidou Dr. Anastasia Savidou

  Senior Researcher

  Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences & Technology, Energy & Safety


Short Bio

Dr Anastasia Savidou, is the Radioactive Waste Management Officer of NCSRD and head of the Radioactive Materials Management Laboratory (RMML). She is the representative of Greece in IAEA International Decommissioning Network activities and projects and guest editor at special issues on decommissioning of power and research reactors.

Presentation Title: Decommissioning and Remediation Technologies


The nuclear facilities after the end of their useful operating life must be decommissioned in the same diligent manner that they were constructed and operated. Decommissioning is a multidisciplinary issue covering characterization of shutdown facilities, decontamination and dismantling technologies including waste management, safety, environmental protection and site remediation. A review of the current decommissioning technologies will be presented, focused on the future Greek projects.

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