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Dr Win Tadd spent many years as a nurse and Educator in the UK and Australia and as a Senior Researcher in the Academic Department of Geriatric Medicine at Cardiff School of Medicine. Until recently she was Reader in Social Gerontology in Cesagen, School of Social Sciences, at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on Research Ethics, the ethical aspects of ageing and care of older people and in particular on the provision of dignified care for frail older people. She has been PI on a number of large studies for the NIHR-HSDR exploring Dignity of older people in Acute Hospitals and Promoting Excellence in All Care Homes (PEACH). Win has also coordinated a number of EU projects including Dignity and Older Europeans, the largest comparative study undertaken in this area.
Win is currently evaluating a number quality improvement projects within the NHS

Presentation Title: Ethical Perspectives of GDPR


The emergence and processing of Big Data has implications for all of our rights in particular our privacy. In this brief presentation the speaker will consider:

1. the concept of rights and draw the distinction between negative and positive rights.
2. the right to privacy as it is usually understood as a negative right.
3. with the enactment of the GDPR, the right to data protection is gaining prominence as a separate fundamental right.
4. the positive obligations that this right places on those who collect, store or process personal data.
5. Identify the other ethical challenges posed by GDPR.

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