P. Carlin

  Innovation Research and Development Manager

  South Eastern H&SC Trust

  Northern Ireland


Short Bio

I am a paediatric oncology nurse by profession and have been involved in research management for the last 12 year. I have worked on a number of European Projects, Cleanward, Discharge and MIDAS, with responsibility in the later for the Ethics, Governance and Good Practice (WP2). I sit on a number of Northern Ireland and UK bodies, such as the Honest Brokers Service, the Integrated Research Applications System (IRAS) partners board and the Heath Research Authority (HRA) research systems board. I have a keen interest in the use of data for clinical decision making and the potential for AI in improving quality outcomes for patients.

Presentation Title: MIDAS


The Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services addresses policy cycle formulation, implementation and evaluation for those involved in health. Bringing heterogeneous datasets together from a variety of sources (both internal to health and external from same), creating a suite of tools for analysis and presenting the outputs within a utility driven interface to allow reporting, presentation and decision making lies at  the heart of the project. MIDAS has been running for the last 18 months (approx.) and this presentation will give an overall representation of why we are undertaking the project, what we hope to achieve and where we currently are in terms of deliverables.

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