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  Elsevier, Senior Vice President Precision Medicine




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Olaf Lodbrok is the Senior Vice President for Precision Medicine at Elsevier. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Aachen University (Germany) and an MBA from Duke University (USA).
He has 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector. From 2000-2005 he successfully launched a start-up with eventually 50 employees. He has also held marketing, sales and senior management positions at large international corporations.
At Elsevier, Olaf launched Health Analytics, which develops machine learning algorithms and mines five million anonymized German patient datasets for insights and now Research Data Management in Health. His group also applies natural language processing to the medical literature and machine learning to health data for clinical decision support.
His passion is to advance data-driven innovation in healthcare.
Olaf Lodbrok joined Elsevier in 2007 as the Managing Director of Elsevier Germany. He can be reached at o.lodbrok@elsevier.com.

Presentation Title: Organizing multi-center health data for precision medicine research


Biomedical researchers require secure and regulatory compliant methods for performing research and sharing data within and across institutions. In addition, they need access to sufficiently large amounts of high quality patient data as patient cohorts become increasingly smaller and more specific for precision medicine. Large data sets (genomics, imaging) are difficult to move.

Elsevier is building a research data management solution at scale with research institutions across the world to address these requirements including
1. secure data storage, data orchestration (code-to-data and data-to-compute) and sharing at scale;
2. patient consent management;
3. integration and normalization of data across institutions;
4. access to large private and public biomedical databases;
5. workspaces for data analysis and collaboration including compute on demand.

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