Nikos Drandakis

  Founder and CEO at Taxibeat




Short Bio

Nikos Drandakis is an entrepreneur and founder of Taxibeat, a leading mobile taxi application, which allows users to choose and hail their taxi driver electronically, without phone calls.

With a technical background as a programmer and an entrepreneurial nature, Nikos founded his first tech startup in the late ‘90s with, a B2B marketplace for businesses to be able to order their supplies online. 2 years later, was sold and on 2006 Nikos, along with 2 co-founders launched, a blogs aggregator and social networking app for bloggers focused in Greece.

In 2011, Nikos with 3 co-founders launched Taxibeat, receiving a seed funding round from the Openfund, with subsequent rounds that total $7m. On February 2017 Taxibeat was acquired by MyTaxi, a Daimler AG subsidiary. It was rebranded under “Beat” and is continuing its expansion in Latin America.

Presentation Title: Execution: the final frontier of entrepreneurship

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