Dr. Georgios Keramidas

  Chief Scientific Officer of Think Silicon S.A.




Short Bio

He currently serves as chief architect of the multi-core and highly multi-threaded eGPU. He has a successful track record in delivering commercial projects as well as national and collaborative programmes. He specifically has worked in three national projects and six European projects (1 IP, 3 FP7 STREP, and 2 FP6 IST) as work package leader, technical manager and scientific coordinator focusing on low-power GPUs and processor architectures. Georgios has published over 50 scientific papers in low power processors and memory designs and his work has over 500 citations. His combination of scientific, technical and operations expertise allows the task to be executed to the required timescale, quality and budget. He is member of HiPEAC European Network of Excellence and ACM. Dr. Keramidas holds six US patents, with another three pending.

Presentation Title: TETRAMAX: Technology Transfer via Multinational Application Experiments


TETRAMAX is a new Horizon 2020 innovation action and will provide an implementation of the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative in the domain of customized and low-energy computing for cyber physical systems and the internet of things. The project aims to boost innovation by stimulating, organizing and evaluating different kinds of technology transfer experiments (TTX). These co-funded “application experiments” connect SMEs and mid-caps with international academics by providing sufficient seed funding.

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