A. Persidis

  President Hellenic Bio Cluster, CEO Biovista Inc.

  Hellenic Bio Cluster



Short Bio

Dr. Andreas Persidis is the co-founder and CEO of Biovista Inc. and since 2010 the President of the Hellenic BioCluster. He is a member of the EU Horizon2020 Expert Advisory Group on Innovation for SMEs, an expert reviewer and evaluator for the European Commission, the Austrian (FIT-IT) and Greek government, has managed on behalf of the European Commission a roadmap study on systematic innovation, and is advising the Greek government (GSRT) on innovation strategy and research priorities in the areas of IT and the life sciences. Prior to Biovista, Dr. Persidis managed technology development teams at European corporations in the engineering, software and telecoms fields. Dr. Persidis has conducted research in the fields of machine learning and applied Artificial Intelligence. He has published extensively in international journals, co-authored book chapters in systematic drug repositioning and is an invited speaker at forums on drug repositioning, innovation and high-tech.

Presentation Title: The Hellenic Biocluster


The talk presents the Hellenic Biocluster and its initiatives relating to precision medicine and big data.

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