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Dr Anastasia Krithara has been a post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications at NCSR-D since October 2008, where she is involved in national and international projects. Before, she was a research engineer in Xerox Research Centre Europe, in Grenoble, France, where she carried out research in the area of machine learning and more precisely in semi-supervised and active learning for text classification tasks. She holds an MSc in Machine Learning and Data Mining from University of Bristol and a PhD in Machine Learning from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI). Her research interests include Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Engineering and Natural Language Processing. She is program committee member of several international conferences and workshops and her work has been published in international journals, conferences and books. She has co-organised the International Research-centered Summer Schools (IRSS-2013 and IRSS-2014), as well as the BioASQ challenges.

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The goal of Project IASIS is to seize the opportunity provided by a wave of data heading our way and turn this into actionable information that would match the right treatment with the right type of patient. A current challenge is that there are large, heterogeneous sets of data ranging from different sources, which if combined would enable the best decisions to be made, allowing for diagnosis and treatment to be personalised to each individual. IASIS is testing this approach in two disease areas – lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease – but with the longer-term ambition that this approach will be more widely applicable to other disease areas.

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