WS1-NANOSAFETY: Management of nanomaterial risks on health, safety and environment

Workshop Chair: E. Marcoulaki & P. Neofytou

The physical, chemical and biological behaviour of materials at nanoscale is very different from their conventional behaviour at macroscale. This creates enormous opportunities towards novel advanced solutions in a wide range of application areas, but also raises concerns on possible risks for human health, safety and the environment.

Sustainable production and use of nanotechnology is, therefore, inextricably linked to the identification, understanding and adequate management of the risks related to engineered nanomaterials and nanoenabled products during their production, transfer, use and disposal. Despite the significant research effort over the last decade, industry and regulators are failing to keep up with this rapidly expanding knowledge and translate it to relevant regulations and effective risk management strategies.

This workshop will discuss the nanomaterial regulatory framework, European activities to bridge the gap between research and market needs, and the situation in Greece. The event is organized by the recently established Greek Nanosafety Platform, and is addressed to companies dealing with production, functionalization, use, packaging etc. of engineered nanomaterials and nanoenabled products, and state agencies related to their regulation.

Location: TBA Date: July 10, 2018 Time: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm